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    Optimize fitness classes

    Offering fitness classes is a great way to train multiple clients simultaneously. The challenge with classes is ensuring they are not overcrowded or empty due to no-shows.

    With group sessions, you can set the number of available spots for the classes you offer. You can set different capacities for different classes, and charge a fee based on the number of clients in your class. For example, you can charge one fee for an intimate two-person class and a discounted fee for a 10-person class.

    Once capacity is reached, the class will be closed for more sign ups. If someone cancels or reschedules, the spot will be immediately freed up for another participant. This ensures that your classes have an optimal number of attendees, allowing you to provide an ideal experience for clients.

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    Allow for schedule changes

    Your time is valuable and you want to ensure that you are making every minute count. This means you do not want to waste any time dealing with schedule changes or finding yourself with a free hour when a client does not show up.

    With ScheduleOnce, clients will be able to easily cancel or reschedule their sessions according to policies you define. If you charge a fee, you can also determine a reschedule fee and a refund policy. Providing your customers with an easy way to make schedule changes can save you time and help you reduce no shows.

    In the event of a schedule change, you are instantly notified and the time slot is immediately freed up for new bookings. Last minute openings can be easily filled, helping you make the most of your time.