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Securing your OnceHub account with two-factor authentication

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We’re excited to announce the release of two-factor authentication in version 9.1.

The humble password used to be a reasonable measure for protecting your account.

However, in today’s online environment, a simple password can easily be cracked. This is why in 2016, we introduced Password security policies that enable enforcement of strong passwords with your OnceHub account users. Today, we are taking account protection to the next level with the release of two-factor authentication (2FA), an extra security layer for protecting your account.

Our approach to account security

We’ve always taken great measures to ensure that organizations in all industries can use OnceHub, no matter their security or compliance needs. Our approach to account security is designed so you only need one account. Your OnceHub account provides access to both ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce. Over time, you can add controls and security features as required to help keep your data private and secure.  

With our current security features, the simplest way to enhance your account security is with password policies. You can easily set policies for your password length, complexity, and expiration to suit your organizational security policies. Account lockout policies lets you protect your account against password guesses. Anyone trying to guess your password will be locked out based on a set number of attempts. Our session timeout policy prevents unauthorized access to your account when you're away from your desk. When enabled, you will be automatically signed out after a set period of inactivity. Learn more about our account security policies.

Why use two-factor authentication?

But there’s nothing like two-factor authentication (2FA) for boosting your account security. This straightforward step increases your account protection by addressing the vulnerability of password-only log-ins. With two-factor authentication, when you log in to your OnceHub account you will be required to enter a one-time token in addition to your user name and password. The token is a six-digit verification code sent as an SMS to your verified mobile number. Even if someone knows or tries to guess your password, they would still be unable to gain access to your account.

Using 2FA as a secondary authentication method is widely recognized as a more secure practice than only requiring a password. For example, the U.S. government has introduced mandatory 2FA authentication for managing federal government websites. The Payment Card industry requires 2FA under its Data Security Standards, and 2FA is recommended for GDPR compliance by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security.

Now you can take that extra step to protect your OnceHub account and rest assured your scheduling data is well protected.

To learn more about this release read our article on What’s new in version 9.1 or watch our webinar on Securing your OnceHub account below:


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