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Reduce Zoom security risk with our new advanced features

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Zoom's newfound popularity has made it a primary target for hackers to exploit security vulnerabilities. Zoom responded quickly to security concerns, updating their features and strengthening their platform.

In response, we've enhanced our Zoom integration, in line with their recommended best practices. Our latest release gives you the tools to improve your Zoom meeting security significantly.

New enhancements for our Zoom integration

  1. Dynamic meeting passwords
  2. Enabling the waiting room

Dynamic meeting passwords

The first important addition to our Zoom integration is dynamic meeting passwords. ScheduleOnce can assign every Zoom meeting scheduled with a unique password, just for that meeting. This is much better than using a static password for all meetings. Anyone who's booked with you in the past or merely seen your conferencing information could have the static password. They may try to use it again and unexpectedly joining another session.

Once you switch to dynamic passwords, ScheduleOnce generates a unique password for every single Zoom meeting, never used before and never repeated again. This is one of the most significant steps you can take to reduce Zoom security risk.

Learn more about configuring dynamic passwords

Enabling the waiting room

The second addition to our Zoom integration is enabling the waiting room. Using the Zoom waiting room, you can make sure everyone in your meeting is authorized to be there. You approve every attendee before they can join the meeting.

Your customers' experience will be guaranteed private and secure and you'll have brought your Zoom security risk down to almost nothing.

Learn more about the Zoom waiting room feature

As always, please comment below or reach out with any questions. We'd be happy to provide further insights on securing your video meetings.