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Optimize the scheduling process for maximum conversion

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You work hard to optimize your sales funnel to convert leads into paying customers. Each step in your funnel is carefully designed and crafted to ensure you are providing maximum value to prospects and helping them convert.

Similar to the sales funnel, online scheduling also needs to be optimized to help convert leads through the process. Getting a lead to visit your scheduling page is just the first step. To ensure your leads complete the process and schedule a meeting, each stage needs to be carefully thought out.

There are many things you can do to optimize the scheduling process to maximize your conversion rate. Here are a few tips that our customers have found successful.

Brand your scheduling page

When leads visit your scheduling page, you want to assure them that they are in the right place. If they don't instantly recognize your brand, they likely will leave the page without scheduling. Branding your online scheduling process is the key to assuring leads they are in the right place, and helping them convert. Leads visiting your page will instantly notice a logo, the page design and even the URL. You want to ensure that all of these elements are instantly recognizable, and your leads feel comfortable entering their personal information to schedule.

Inform, but don't overwhelm

When a lead decides whether they want to meet, they really are deciding whether they think you can provide them with something of value. To maximize conversions, you want to provide leads with an incentive to schedule by giving them relevant information about the meetings you offer. Details and insights about the meeting will pique their interest about the upcoming meeting. Just be careful not to overwhelm. Too much information or too many choices can cause leads to bounce away from your page, without converting. Limiting the number of meeting types you offer and the number of available time lots makes it easier for leads to make a selection.

Minimize the effort to schedule

Every extra click gives your leads another chance to change their mind. To ensure they convert, you want to make the scheduling process as quick and simple as possible. You can do this by emailing personalized links to your scheduling page, using our clickless time zone confirmation feature, minimizing the amount of data your leads need to provide, or by automatically assigning the booking to one of your team members. Leads will visit your page, select a time, and they are done. They will appreciate your efficient solution for online scheduling.

This article is a sneak peek of all our methods for optimizing the scheduling process to maximize conversions. To learn more, watch our webinar here.