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Hottest new campaign landing page idea: Standalone chatbots

Before reading about standalone chatbots, see one in action!

Want to build a dynamic and engaging landing page? Our standalone chatbots are your answer!

A standalone chatbot is a bot that you can share using a standalone link. There's no need to update your website! That's why they're great to use as campaign landing pages. Let's look at the amazing functionalities of standalone chatbots:

Automated lead qualification and routing

What we offer: Lead qualification that helps automate the process of qualifying leads, so you can spend more time selling and less time on leads that aren't a good fit for your business. You’ll then be able to route the visitors to the right people in your team.

What you get: Your sales team won't waste their time on cold or unqualified leads.
This also increases conversion (and revenue) because you're connecting leads with the right salesperson SUPER FAST! This is what we call speed to lead.

Plus: You'll be offering the best CX in town since you're helping your customers faster.

Instant lead engagement

What we offer: A way to instantly engage with your leads. You can either opt for live chat or scheduled meetings.

What you get: The fastest way to engage with your leads, meaning you’ll never miss out on a lead. A way to delight your leads by not leaving them hanging.

Intuitive, personalized chatbot

What we offer: A personal feeling of conversational messaging.

What you get: A chatbot with personality that won't bore your audience. See them coming back for more and more! Even use videos, gifs and links to keep them engaged!

UTM parameters

What we offer: Campaign tracking using built-in UTM parameters. Our chatbots can capture UTMs and save them automatically.

What you get: Knowing exactly where your traffic is coming from and where to put your effort into. And don’t forget tracking what traffic is converting into meetings and live chats.

A/B testing

What we offer: Ability to do super quick and easy A/B testing on your campaigns. You’d simply build two chatbots and compare their results. Bonus: You're able to do this without having to make any changes to your website!

What you get: Ability to optimize your campaigns and make sure you knock them out of the park.

What are you waiting for? Build your own exciting standalone chatbot right now!


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