New Version 2.2

Effective Date 20th May 2020.

Summary of changes:

  • Minor changes to the wording of clause 19 “Recovering from a failed recurring payment” in order to provide further clarity.

New Version 2.1

Effective Date 15th May 2020.

Summary of changes:

  • We have clarified that the definition of Confidential Information does not include Application Data in clause 2.1 (d).
  • We have corrected an omission in version 2.0 by adding back a clause relating to consequential losses at clause 7.3 that was in our previous agreement in clause 7.1.
  • We have made it clear that we will notify customers of material changes to the agreement by email in clause 25.10.

New Version 2.0

Effective Date 18th April 2020.

Summary of changes:

  • We have increased the threshold for our maximum liability to you under out Agreements. Our liability cap is now the total amount paid by you and your affiliates for our services giving rise to the liability in the 60 months preceding the first incident out of which the liability arose. This was previously set at 12 months.
  • We have added a clause to deal with the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act to specifically states that OnceHub shall not sell Customer Data for monetary or other valuable consideration.
  • We state that we will maintain commercially reasonable insurance coverage in connection with our performance of the Agreement.
  • We have incorporated a new Acceptable Use Policy which sets out the permitted uses of our software. We have specifically prohibited the following types of data from being entered or stored in our applications: bank account numbers; bank routing numbers; credit or debit card numbers; CVV numbers; credit scores; income, net worth or how much debt someone has; government-issued identifiers, including social security numbers, passport numbers, driving license numbers; data concerning criminal convictions, sentencing, fines, and other rulings issued in judicial or administrative proceedings; usernames or passwords
  • We have added a clause setting out the basis on which we will delete your data.
  • We have stated that our applications and products are provided to you as a service.
  • Throughout the Agreement, we’ve made changes to improve clarity and address grammar, typos and similar issues.
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