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Make the most out of career fairs

Career fairs offer a great opportunity to meet and greet prospective job seekers. However, when you only have a brief window of time, it’s important to optimize your schedule.

With OnceHub, you can prepare in advance, offering online scheduling to interested candidates before the fair begins. You can offer different scheduling options for candidates interested in different positions and collect any information required, such as resumes or answers to specific questions. When candidates schedule, confirmations and reminders are sent out via email or SMS, ensuring they have all the required meeting details and don’t forget the meeting during the busy fair.

By offering online scheduling to career fair attendees, you create a professional image before the hiring process even begins. You will be an instant stand-out from competition and attract top talent.

Streamline candidate screening

You have identified a qualified pool of candidates. Now, before inviting them for an interview, you want to narrow down the list with screening calls. Scheduling a time to speak can be a challenge, especially when candidates are still at their current jobs and likely speaking with multiple recruiters. To ensure you get the top talent, it’s critical that the time-to-hire is as short as possible.

Online scheduling eliminates the back and forth by allowing candidates to schedule a short call with you at a time that is convenient for both you and them. This is especially useful with candidates still at their current jobs, who will be more likely to respond to an email than a call from a recruiter at their workplace.

The seamless scheduling process provides potential hires with a great experience and saves you having to chase down candidates and interrupt them at an inopportune time.

Schedule interviews with hiring managers

You have narrowed down your candidate pool to just the frontrunners and are now ready to invite them for an interview with the hiring manager. Coordinating an interview requires juggling the hiring manager’s and the candidate’s availability, reserving a conference room, and dealing with last-minute changes.

With OnceHub, interviews can be scheduled with minimal input from hiring managers. OnceHub connects to the hiring manager’s calendar, ensuring candidates only see time slots when the hiring manager is available. Once a time is selected, a room is automatically reserved and the hiring manager and candidate are immediately notified. Should anything come up, the scheduled interview can be easily adjusted.

From the candidates’ perspective, the scheduling experience is quick and seamless. From the organization’s perspective, you are increasing efficiency and reducing time-to-hire.

Coordinate panels in a flash

Panel interviews are a great way to get multiple evaluations of a candidate in one go. While panel interviews save time over multiple individual interviews, they take a considerable amount of time and effort to coordinate.

With OnceHub, the coordination process can be fully automated and completed in seconds. You can coordinate any type of panel interview, from small panels to large ones and with specific panelists or representatives from different departments. Once the interview is scheduled, hiring managers and the candidate are sent a confirmation and a calendar invitation. If one of your interviewers needs to back out, you can easily substitute another interviewer to take their place.

Coordinating panel interviews will only take seconds and you will be able to streamline the candidate evaluation process.