Web form integration

After submitting your web form, prospects will be able to pick a time without having to provide any additional information. Web form integration generates leads and creates an appointment in their calendar, allowing you to make phone contact with up to 3x more prospects.

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  • Improved phone contact rate

    When prospects fill out your web form, they typically get a thank you message and a note that they will be contacted soon. However, consistent feedback has revealed that successful phone contact is only made with 20% of the prospects. With the ScheduleOnce web form integration, prospects submit your form and can instantly pick a time to be contacted. This adds an event to their calendar and is followed up with email and SMS reminders, eliminating no-shows and resulting in contact rates of up to 80%.

  • Your lead generation process stays intact

    When using the ScheduleOnce web form integration, your marketing process stays intact. Leads will continue to fill out your web form and be created in your CRM. The only difference is that you will find that the vast majority of these leads have already scheduled a time for you to call them. If you are using our Salesforce or Infusionsoft native integrations, an activity event will be automatically created on the lead CRM record.

  • Web form integration with Website embed

    With our website embed, an optional booking step that displays the full booking calendar can be added right after prospects submit your web form. The prospect will only need to select a time, click the Schedule button and it’s done.

  • Web form integration with Website buttons

    Another way to add an optional booking step is via our website buttons. After prospects complete your web form, they can click the button and open the time selection window in a lightbox popup without leaving your web page. They pick a time and it’s done.