Virtual and physical location features

ScheduleOnce supports both virtual and physical meeting location options. The meeting location can be provided by the owner or the customer. Web conferencing details for virtual sessions can be automatically generated with our web conferencing integration

Virtual location

You can set a virtual location in the form of a phone number, web conferencing information, or any other communication method. You can also ask the customer to provide virtual meeting information when making the booking, or automatically generate web conferencing information with our web conferencing integration.

Physical location

You can set a physical location for the meeting with a street address that will automatically create a map link. Alternatively, you can ask customers to set a location when they make the booking. The location will automatically populate the Where field in the calendar event when the meeting is scheduled.

Web conferencing integration

If your meetings are virtual and require web conferencing, you can integrate ScheduleOnce with a web conferencing service. Once integrated, you can select the necessary options and web conferencing information will be automatically added to the calendar event and all customer and user notifications. Learn more about our web conferencing integration