Time and workload management

ScheduleOnce offers a rich set of time and workload management features, providing you with the required flexibility to model your scheduling scenarios according to your exact needs and preferences.

Timeframe rules

This setting allows you to define when customers are allowed to book. This effectively creates a rolling time window in which bookings can be accepted.

Buffer between bookings

This setting automatically creates gaps between appointments on your calendar. These gaps can be used to account for travel time, cleanup time, etc…


ScheduleOnce provides a visual editor for setting availability, allowing you to set availability on a weekly recurring and/or date-specific basis.

Time slot display rules

ScheduleOnce helps optimize your schedule by providing full control over time slot duration, starting times and intervals. Time slots can have a fixed or variable duration.

Workload rules

This setting allows you to set a cap on the number of bookings that can be made in any given day and/or week. When the cap is reached, the entire day or week becomes unavailable and no more bookings can be accepted.

Number of time slots per day

This setting limits the maximum number of available time slots shown per day and distributes them as evenly as possible. You can use this setting to display fewer time slots than are actually available.