Team member selection

Get the convenience of online scheduling while facilitating the personal relationship your team members have established with your customers.

  • A personal booking page for every team member

    Every team member can have their own booking page, reflecting their scheduling requirements and connecting to their personal calendar. The booking page can be personalized with the team member’s picture, contact information, a bio or personal message, and even include links to additional information. The page can be shared with customers as a stand-alone page or grouped with other booking pages and available through one point of access.

  • A single point of access to multiple team members

    Make it easy for your customers to find the team member they need. Master pages group some or all of your team members into a single point-of-access that is easy to navigate. The master page can be sent as a link to customers, or used on your website to facilitate bookings with individual team members. If you have a large team, categories and tags can be used to sort team members by specialty or skillset.

  • Select team members directly or based on event types

    Sometimes, customers know the exact person with whom they want to meet; other times, they need guidance. ScheduleOnce allows you to offer direct booking with a team member and also lets you group team members by event type. Event types can represent different teams, skill sets, or most other groupings that exist in your organization.