SMS notifications

ScheduleOnce allows you to use SMS for sending confirmation, reminder, and follow-up notifications to your customers and users. SMS notifications are completely customizable and can include static as well as dynamic text. All SMS notifications are sent from our US-based short code that will deliver and confirm receipt of your messages quickly, no matter the length or where the receiver is located.

Use SMS throughout the booking lifecycle

Many people use SMS as their primary communication channel. You can send any booking notification, including scheduling confirmations and reminders via SMS.

Worldwide reach

Your customers can be anywhere. We use a network that services 235 countries and territories, allowing you to send SMSes to any mobile number globally.

Complete control over SMS content

You can use our default SMS messages or create your own with static or dynamic text. We fully support concatenated SMS allowing you to send SMS messages that exceed the standard 160 character limit.

Whitelisted service

SMS messages are sent through our private dedicated short code, 75732. The short code lets carriers know that ScheduleOnce is a whitelisted service, ensuring that your SMS messages are never labeled as spam.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Your SMSes will arrive promptly. Our network uses lines that ensure direct number-to-carrier connectivity, reducing the time it takes for your SMS to arrive. No messages are lost to network outages, we use adaptive routing technology that chooses the best path for your SMS messages.

High delivery rate

Our SMS throughput is 100 messages per second, ensuring your SMSes will be timely and never get stuck in a queue. In addition, all SMSes sent through ScheduleOnce get a delivery receipt directly from the receiver’s carrier, which confirms with 100% certainty that your message arrived.

Complete visibility into SMS activity

We provide complete visibility into all SMS activity in your account. The SMS log data allows you to see every SMS sent through your account so you can track who is sending SMSes and confirm their delivery.