Direct resource scheduling

Make it easy to book your rooms and resources online, whether from inside or outside your organization. ScheduleOnce gives you the tools to maximize resource utilization and ensure that a resource is never double booked.

  • Adaptable to each unique resource

    Each room or resource can be characterized by its specific settings and schedule. For example, some resources may require your approval before they are booked, while others may be booked automatically. One room cannot be available for more than an hour while others can be reserved for longer. One resource is only available in the mornings while others are available anytime.

  • Optimize resource utilization

    Resource utilization can be optimized by using the best possible resource assignment method for each situation. You can allow the customer to choose a resource, or automatically assign the booking to the most appropriate resource.

  • Report & analyze

    Understanding resource booking data is valuable to your business. You need to know which resources are in demand and which are not, so you can optimize resource allocation. Your resources become fully transparent in ScheduleOnce reports, allowing you to analyze the data online or export it to Excel and PDF files.