Priority-based assignment

Customers select a time from the combined availability of the team and the booking is automatically assigned to the team member with the highest priority level - ensuring customers have the best experience possible.

  • Maximize your team’s efficiency

    Priority-based assignment occurs among all members available at a given time, using the pooled availability method. This allows you to maximize all the availability your organization has to offer, while at the same time assigning bookings to the most appropriate team members.

  • Put your best team members first

    Priority-based assignment allows you to give higher priority to your more qualified team members. When more than one team member is available at the selected time, the member with the highest priority will get the booking.

  • Maximize the customer’s experience

    The customer will always meet with the best team member available at the selected time, increasing the chances of a successful engagement. This improves conversion rates and raises customer satisfaction.