Pooled availability

Pooled availability is a powerful feature that combines the availability of multiple team members and displays it to customers as a single booking calendar. When customers select a time, the booking is automatically assigned to the team member with the longest idle time.

  • Provide greater availability to customers

    To ensure your customers can meet with a team member as soon as possible, you need to provide the maximum number of time slots. With pooled availability, customers visiting your page will see the combined availability of all your team members and be able to pick the most convenient time for them. This minimizes time-to-engagement, ultimately improving conversion rates and the customer experience.

  • Simplify the scheduling process

    Keep the scheduling process simple for your customers. With pooled availability, bookings are automatically assigned to team members. When scheduling, customers select an event type and a time, without having to pick the meeting provider. This minimizes the number of steps required to schedule, ultimately improving your booking rates.

  • Balance your team members’ workload

    Pooled availability provides customers with the maximum number of time slots, while also aiming to balance the number of bookings each team member receives. Once a time is selected, bookings are assigned to the available team member with the longest idle time - meaning the team member who hasn’t received a booking for the longest amount of time. This ensures team members with similar availability will receive an equal amount of bookings.

  • Automatic room and resource assignment

    Pooled availability is not limited to team members. It can also be used for locations, rooms, or other criteria that may be required for your meetings. This is a great way to reserve the resources you need for your meetings and ensure resources are never double booked.