Personalized links

Customers click on your booking page link and pick a time, without having to fill in their personal details. The booking form is either pre-populated with their details or skipped altogether.

Supported by:
  • Improved conversion rates

    If you are using ScheduleOnce for marketing, you want to minimize the data required from your prospects to the absolute bare minimum. Personalized links allow your prospects to select a time and complete the booking without providing any additional information, resulting in improved conversion rates.

  • Pre-populated customer information

    Personalized links enable booking forms to be pre-populated with customer information. Customers only need to fill out empty fields with information that is not yet known to you. This option is useful for acquiring additional customer information without entering information they have already provided.

  • Skipped booking form

    Personalized links can be configured to skip over the booking form step that requires customers to fill out information. This option is useful when all you need from a customer is to pick a time. This provides a quick and seamless scheduling experience and is especially valuable when using ScheduleOnce for marketing.

  • Works with one-time links

    One-time links allow customers to make a single booking only and do not reveal your underlying booking page link. The one-time link generation pop-up includes a built-in link builder, allowing you to quickly personalize the one-time link with simple text without having to create the full personalized URL.

  • Personalize with URL parameters

    The simplest way to personalize your booking page link is by adding customer data as URL parameters. Use our mini URL builder to create a single personalized link invitation. When creating a campaign with your email marketing system, you can populate the URL parameters with dynamic fields, allowing you to send a uniquely personalized link to each recipient.

  • Personalize with the CRM record ID

    If you are using our Salesforce or Infusionsoft native integrations, you can personalize the booking page link using the CRM record ID. With this method, the CRM record’s data will be used to pre-populate or skip the booking form. This personalization method is most effective when email invitations are sent directly from the integrated CRM system.

  • Supported by OnceHub for Gmail

    Personalized links are supported by the OnceHub for Gmail extension. The secure extension is tightly integrated with Gmail. This enables you to automatically generate personalized links by using the 'To' field in the email you are composing, so you do not have to enter it manually. Learn more about OnceHub for Gmail.