Multi-user support

ScheduleOnce offers multi-user capabilities such as roles, permission levels and access controls. Users can work independently or participate in a wide range of organizational scheduling scenarios.

Organizational scheduling scenarios

Create scheduling scenarios that involve multiple team members. For example, you can use pooled availability to create a booking page that automatically assigns the booking to the most appropriate team member.

User management

ScheduleOnce provides administrators with complete user management capabilities. Administrators can create users, delete users, change user types, and assign booking page ownership from one user to another.

User types

ScheduleOnce allows you to create users with varying levels of access. Administrators have full access and can manage other users. Members have restricted access and cannot configure any organizational features.

Access controls

Access controls can be configured for each booking page and can be further refined for each booking page section. For example, a user can be granted access to the availability section only, with no access to other sections.

User notifications

ScheduleOnce provides complete control over notifications that users receive. Users are able to subscribe to booking page events and be notified when the event takes place. For example, a manager can receive a notification when a booking is canceled.

Calendar privacy

ScheduleOnce avidly protects the calendar privacy of its users. Details of personal appointments unrelated to ScheduleOnce are never exposed to any user, not even to administrators. This enables users to participate in organizational scheduling scenarios with complete confidence.

Centralized billing

The ScheduleOnce administrator is in full control of all monetary transactions in the account. Billing for all users is managed through one centralized invoice.