Location selection

Offer your customers a choice of meeting locations or venues. Each location can have its own meeting settings, availability, event types, and team members. Locations can be physical or virtual.

  • Independent availability and settings

    Different locations have different requirements, such as availability, lead time, and even time zones. For example, you might have offices in three locations and offer meetings in each office on different days of the week. With ScheduleOnce, each location is a booking page with its own availability and settings, enabling quick and easy modeling of almost any location-based scenario.

  • Use together or individually

    When all locations are defined, you can share them individually with your customers by sending them the appropriate booking page link. Alternatively, you can make all locations available through one point of access, allowing customers to choose their preferred location.

  • With or without event types

    Locations can also be combined with event types, allowing you to show the exact offerings available at each location. Customers can either select an event type and see all locations where it’s supported or select the location first and view the event types provided there.