Master pages

Master pages allow you to combine multiple booking pages and event types into one customer point of access. This enables advanced scheduling scenarios for individuals and teams.

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  • Create a single customer point of access

    Master pages allow you to create a single point of access to your team. When customers schedule appointments via your master page, they can either select the relevant team member, or bookings can be automatically assigned to team members.

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  • Use static or dynamic rules

    Master pages provide robust functionality for assigning bookings to your team. You can create static rules based on the associations between event types and booking pages, or create dynamic rules per event type. Event-based rules allow for flexible setup that can be different per master page. Each event type can be provided by a specific booking page, or a member of a resource pool, allowing you to dynamically assign bookings to your team.

  • Choose from multiple assignment methods

    Bookings can be automatically assigned to your team members using pooled availability or round robin. With pooled availability, customers see a single booking calendar with your team’s combined availability. Bookings will be distributed evenly, or based on a set priority. Alternatively with round robin, customers only see the availability of the next team member in the queue.

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  • Allow customers to find member by time

    Customers who visit your master page can first select a time and then see the available booking pages. This is useful for scheduling resources, or if you have coordinators who will be scheduling on behalf of your customers.

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  • Schedule panel meetings with multiple team members

    If your master page offers panel meetings, customers can book a time to meet with multiple team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific team members or members of resource pools. Panel meetings help you maximize efficiency, accelerate time to conversion, and ensure customers get the most out of your meetings.

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  • Offer multiple channels or locations

    If you conduct meetings at different locations or via different channels, you can allow your customers to select their prefered location or channel from a list. Different locations and channels can have their own independent availability and settings. This gives you more flexibility in modeling your scheduling scenario.

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  • Schedule meeting resources

    Master pages can be used for scheduling rooms or resources. Each room or resource can be characterized by its specific settings and availability. Customers can select their resource or have a resource automatically assigned to their meeting.

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