Localize the customer scheduling experience by applying different languages and date and time formats to your booking pages. This allows you to communicate with your customers in their language, helping you maximize your booking rates.

Experience live demos:

Use out-of-the-box languages

ScheduleOnce provides seven out-of-the-box languages that you can apply to your booking pages. Languages include American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguêse (Brazil), and Dutch. You can apply these languages to your booking pages as is, or edit the text using our localization editor.

Align with local standards

Localizing the scheduling experience involves more than just changing the language. It also includes adjusting the calendar and time display formats. With ScheduleOnce, you can customize the date and time format and the week start date on your booking pages. This ensures that the scheduling experience is aligned with local standards.

Create an end-to-end localized experience

ScheduleOnce allows you to achieve a fully localized scheduling experience. In addition to applying different languages to your booking pages, you can also customize email and SMS notifications in the language of your choice. This ensures consistency in your communication throughout the booking lifecycle.

Reach customers in different countries

If all your customers speak the same language, you can apply that language to all booking pages. Alternatively, for a multilingual approach, you can apply different languages to different booking pages. This ensures that you can provide a localized experience for all your customers.