Email integration

Fully control email communications with your customers throughout the entire booking lifecycle. Email communication with your customer can be completely personalized or completely anonymous, per your requirements and business needs.

Email from your domain

Emails related to booking activity can come from your domain and email address of choice. Customers and users will see your domain’s email address and not the scheduleonce.com domain. You can also combine email from your domain with Custom templates, enabling your email communications to be completely branded and personalized with your own content, logo and email settings.

Personal communication

With ScheduleOnce, you can choose to encourage personal communications between the customer and the team member assigned to a booking. Emails to your customers can be labeled with the relevant team member’s name. When customers reply to a notification email, the team member's email address will be the default reply-to address.

Anonymous communication

Alternatively, you can choose to keep team members anonymous. Emails can be labeled with a generic label or one that varies by team member, but still hides the team member’s identity. When customers reply to a notification email, a generic email address can be used as the default reply-to email address.