Editable customer interface text

ScheduleOnce allows you to edit the customer interface text on your booking pages, giving you full control over the scheduling experience. This helps you provide a consistent customer experience, ultimately improving your conversion rate.

Use the relevant terminology

You can edit the terminology on your booking pages to be in line with your scheduling scenario. You may use online scheduling to connect with prospects, customers, students, or patients. With ScheduleOnce, you can ensure the text on your page is accurate for your scenario, helping you provide a consistent experience across all customer touchpoints.

Maintain your organization’s brand

The tone of voice and lexicon your organization uses is part of your overall branding. With ScheduleOnce, you can maintain your tone throughout the scheduling process by customizing the text on your booking pages. This ensures online scheduling is completely aligned with your brand.

Create once, deploy to many

Customer interface text is centrally managed in our localization editor. Any changes are automatically implemented on the relevant booking pages. You can apply the same text to all pages, or use different text for pages serving different customer segments.

Customize across languages

ScheduleOnce provides seven out-of-the-box languages that can be edited to be aligned with your tone and terminology. Using our localization editor, you can adjust system languages according to your requirements. This provides a localized and consistent experience for your customers.

Customize the end-to-end experience

ScheduleOnce allows you to achieve a fully custom scheduling experience. In addition to editing the text on your booking pages, you can also customize email and SMS notifications. This ensures that the entire scheduling experience is consistent with your branding.