Custom booking forms

Collect data from your customers in the most precise and efficient manner. You decide what to ask and how to ask it, giving you full control over your customer's booking experience. The questions you ask in the booking form provide valuable information about who your customers are and how to prepare for meetings with them. The information collected can be used to personalize email and SMS notifications, update CRM records and is available in reports.

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  • Fully customizable

    You decide which questions to ask, the exact wording, and the order in which they appear. Many different field types are available, allowing you to collect the exact information you need through dropdown menus, checkboxes, and free text. You can also ask customers to upload attachments.

  • Multiple booking forms

    One size does not fit all. Create unique booking forms for your different event types and booking pages. This allows you to collect the exact information you need for each scheduling scenario or meeting type. For example, you can create a short booking form for introductory meetings and a longer booking form for subsequent meetings.

  • Booking form data in reports

    Reports use the booking form data collected during the booking process to help you learn more about your customers. The reports are customizable, allowing you analyze the data according to your needs. Reports and can be exported into Excel spreadsheets and branded PDF documents.

  • Booking form data in notifications

    All dynamic fields created for booking forms are available in the notification templates editor and can be added to any customer or user notification. For example, customers can receive personalized email and SMS notifications that address them by the name they provided in the booking form.

  • Booking form data in your integrated CRM

    All booking form data can be mapped to CRM standard and custom fields according to your exact needs and preferences. This allows you to update fields in your existing CRM records with the data collected during the booking process. When data already exists in your CRM, you can define whether this data should remain intact or be overridden by the new ScheduleOnce data.