Branding features

ScheduleOnce provides a wide range of branding features, allowing you to comply with your corporate branding guidelines. You can embed ScheduleOnce in your website, fully customize your booking pages and email communications, send emails from your domain, and use your logo and images with your preferred theme.

Make scheduling part of your website

ScheduleOnce offers several white-label website integration options. Scheduling will become an integral part of your website environment and the customers’ scheduling experience will be completely under your brand.

Design your Booking pages from top to bottom

The theme designer allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your booking pages. You can set anything from the logo to the background image, background opacity, font and other properties.

Brand your booking domain

ScheduleOnce booking pages can be accessed via a link on your own domain, allowing you to keep your branding consistent and maintain customer trust.

Send emails from your domain

All ScheduleOnce notification emails can be sent from your domain and email address of choice, providing your customers and users with a completely branded email experience.

Brand your email communications

The notification templates editor allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your email communication with customers. For example, you can add a logo and use your preferred colors and fonts.

Brand your post-scheduling experience

When a booking is made, you can set ScheduleOnce to automatically redirect the customer to a web page of your choice. This enables you to bring customers to your website and guide their entire booking experience.