Booking reassignment

ScheduleOnce allows you to seamlessly reassign bookings from one team member to another. This helps you easily reshuffle bookings, while ensuring your customer experience remains intact.

Flexible booking management

With ScheduleOnce, you can reshuffle bookings according to your organization’s needs. If a team member is unable to conduct a booking, you can simply reassign the booking to another team member. This gives you the flexibility you require to manage your team’s bookings.

Seamless for customers

When you reassign a booking, only your team members are notified. From your customer’s perspective, the event remains as originally scheduled. Customers show up to bookings as planned, and the experience remains intact.

Reassign to the relevant team member

When you reassign a booking, ScheduleOnce shows you which team members are available at the scheduled meeting time. You can decide whether to reassign the booking to an available team member, or any team member of your choice.

Team members are automatically updated

When a booking is reassigned, the relevant team members are automatically updated. The original meeting owner is notified, and the event is deleted from their calendar. The new meeting owner receives all meeting details and the event is added to their calendar.

Support for third party integrations

When a booking is reassigned, all relevant third-party integrations are automatically updated. When a virtual meeting is reassigned, the web conferencing session is updated with the new organizer. If you are using our native Salesforce or Infusionsoft integration, the owner of the activity will be automatically updated.