Automatic booking

With automatic booking, customers select a time and the booking is automatically created in all parties’ calendars. Bookings flow right into your calendar according to your exact needs and preferences. No further action is required.

  • Set availability and preferences

    You have complete control over your availability and how time slots are offered to your customers. When a booking is created in your calendar, you can rest assured that it was created according to your exact needs and preferences.

  • Share and publish your booking page

    When you are ready to accept bookings, you can share your booking page link with your customers and prospects, or integrate it directly into your website. You can also add the booking page link to your email signature and print it on your business cards. When people access your booking page, they see all times you are available and can schedule with you in seconds.

  • Automatic confirmation and reminders

    When the booking is made, you and your customers receive immediate confirmation and a calendar event with all details is automatically created in both parties’ calendars. You can also configure the system to send up to three automatic reminders and an automatic follow-up message that will be delivered to the customer according to your exact preferences.