ScheduleOnce is a powerful scheduling software with native Zoom integration that provides the best-in-class video conference scheduling experience to your customers. ScheduleOnce automates the creation of a Zoom session whenever a customer makes a booking. Customers receive a Google Calendar invite with the Zoom integration with Google Calendar, along with a notification with the respective meeting details in their local timezone. 

ScheduleOnce provides support for all meeting types: one-on-one meetings, group sessions, and session packages. OnceHub also connects to your Google Calendar in real-time. Bookings are added directly into your Google Calendar. 

Due to a robust Zoom integration with Google Calendar, canceling and rescheduling Zoom meetings are performed seamlessly in ScheduleOnce. If a booking is canceled or rescheduled, ScheduleOnce automatically updates the customers with the new Zoom meeting details. 

ScheduleOnce offers a native Zoom integration. With this integration, you can automatically

  • Create a new Zoom meeting when a booking is made 
  • Send customers Zoom meeting details via email 
  • Insert the Zoom meeting details into a Google Calendar event

With such phenomenal product features and a delightful scheduling experience, ScheduleOnce users and customers do not need to worry about how to schedule a zoom meeting in Google Calendar. Sign up for a free trial today to enjoy the benefits of integrated video conferencing.