According to respondents of a recent customer experience (CX) trends report, having to wait for a response is the number one frustration that customers have when interacting with a company. 

If your business has a support or customer success team, you’ll know how important keeping your customers happy is to your bottom line. But did you know that 70% of executives interviewed over the past two decades believe that customer experience is the highest strategic performance measure for operational success? 

With the number of support tickets increasing year on year, delivering consistently excellent customer service can be challenging. Scheduling software can help you optimize your team’s time and deliver the personalized customer experience your customers expect. 

Reduce customer waiting time

Investing in scheduling software allows you to take a pro-active, experience-driven approach to customer communication. You don’t want your customers to jump through hoops every time they want to get in touch, and you don’t want to keep them on hold either. Scheduling is a convenient alternative that works according to your customer’s schedule. 

With ScheduleOnce, you can add your tier one support team members to Resource pools, which distribute meetings evenly, ensuring someone is always available to help while at the same time not overwhelming your agents. These bookings can be easily reassigned or passed on to tier two agents without inconveniencing your customers in any way.

Provide a clear escalation path

With scheduling software, you can provide a clear escalation path when tier one agents are unable to resolve issues and create a seamless experience for customers’ with urgent issues. Scheduling software also protects your tier two specialists from unwanted bookings. With ScheduleOnce, customers can be sent a one-time link, allowing them to make a single booking that cannot be used again.

Offer personalized onboarding 

Today’s digital-savvy customers expect the best. Your support team is your first point of contact between your customers and your business. Their experience with your support team forms the basis of their perception of your company. Once you lose a customer’s trust, it’s an uphill battle to gain it back. For this reason, providing an excellent customer onboarding experience can provide a solid foundation from which to build on your relationship. 

Scheduling software can be used in a number of ways for onboarding new customers:

  • Live training sessions
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Webinars
  • In-app support

Customers get the one-on-one time they need

The biggest advantage of using scheduling software like ScheduleOnce in your support operations is that it provides your customers with the one thing they want the most – someone to listen. Scheduling calls and meetings give customers the peace of mind of knowing exactly when their issue will be looked at – at a time that suits them. It’s a more personalized, relaxed method of dealing with problems as it also gives unhappy or angry individuals time to cool off before they speak to your team.

Scheduling software is not only beneficial for improving your customer experience rates, but it works just as well for your agent experience. Bookings are distributed evenly, effectively optimizing your team’s time to ensure they’re not chained to their desks all day managing calls. It also reduces time to resolution, allowing your team to service even more customers without the risk of burnout. 

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