ScheduleOnce is a user friendly, powerful, and secure university scheduling software that offers you all the essential features to help you stay organized and work efficiently. Our scheduling software for universities helps you book appointments for university admission tours, information sessions, interviews for university admissions, scheduling online classes, student career and job counseling, managing office time for professors, tutoring, and more. ScheduleOnce can be used by all relevant stakeholders – university staff and management, professors, and students, to simplify the process of scheduling for them.

Key features of our scheduling software for universities

Showcase office hours of professors: By showcasing the availability for each professor, students can book a meeting only during the available time slots. To help students remember their appointment and show up on time, reminders can be sent via email or SMS.

Meeting notifications: Personalized reminders via email and SMS remind the attendees of the meeting timings and location thereby reducing no-shows.

Easy canceling and rescheduling: ScheduleOnce gives you the flexibility to reschedule an appointment with the utmost ease. Upon canceling or rescheduling, both parties receive a notification via email and SMS. The notification contains the meeting times and the university room or class location, as provided in the scheduling software.

Secure and powerful integrations: You can connect your class scheduling software with your website, video conferencing software, calendar, CRM, and more. We provide over 100+ integrations, both native and via Zapier.

Calendar integration: Syncing schedule with a calendar app such as Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Exchange/Outlook Calendar, or iCloud Calendar is easy with a native integration offered by ScheduleOnce. This enables the users to have the schedule in one place.

Virtual sessions: ScheduleOnce offers native video conferencing integrations with Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting to help you offer remote appointments and meetings with ease.

Virtual access: ScheduleOnce is cloud-based scheduling software, which means you can securely access your scheduling link from any connected device.

24/7 support: We provide uninterrupted 24/7 email and phone service and support.

With ScheduleOnce, you provide the best possible experience for your university staff, professors, and students. Let us handle the meeting scheduling problems for you while you focus only on offering quality education to students. Try our university scheduling software free for 14 days.