ScheduleOnce is an online calendar planner that enables you to easily accept appointments online, thereby saving you time.

How does it work? You share your MeetMe link with people who want to schedule time with you and when they click your link they can see a monthly calendar with available days. When they click on a day they can see all free time slots during that day. On our most affordable version, people will need to select one or a few time slots and you will then be notified to review the selections and pick the time that works best for you. This type of scheduling is called Booking with Approval. If you would rather have the booking happen automatically, you can upgrade at any time for a just a small fee.

If you need to schedule group meetings, you can create a new invitation and propose a few times. You then send a link to your invitees who can see a horizontal calendar view and provide their availability accordingly.

As an affordable online calendar planner, ScheduleOnce really provides a lot of functionality and helps you save precious time. To learn more about ScheduleOnce simply click the green button on the left.