Are you looking for a time booking calendar? The biggest question that you should ask yourself is if you are looking for a booking calendar for yourself or for your business, and by business we mean a business with an office and employees.

Why is this so important? Because an appointments calendar that’s built for a business is making some assumptions. For example, employees come to the office and typically work for a fixed length of time and it the time in which they’re in the office they are fully dedicated to the job except for a lunch break maybe. This assumption will drive the design of the solution in the sense that it will have its own built in calendar and it will have a pretty basic and inflexible method of assigning employee availability.

Now if you are a professional that works from your home office and have personal and business tasks mixing up in your schedule such a solution will not fit your needs. What you need in this case is a time booking calendar like ScheduleOnce that is built around the individual professional. ScheduleOnce connects to your calendar and provides a highly flexible user interface for allocation your availability.

We hope that this has provided some insight and if you need the latter solution check out ScheduleOnce. You will be glad you did.