Are you looking for a teacher scheduling calendar that will allow you to accept appointments online? You have come to the right place.

ScheduleOnce will connect to your personal calendar and allow you to display a calendar with time slots in which you are available. This solution is perfect for scheduling parent teacher conferences, group and one on one meetings.

To schedule group meetings you create a new invitation, similar to creating a new invitation in a calendar. The one big difference is that in ScheduleOnce you are proposing multiple times and invitees get to provide availability against these times before you schedule. The process is quick and simple.

To ScheduleOnce on one meetings you simply share your MeetMe page and people with whom you share the page can select days and see time slots in which you are availabale. Since your calendar is connected they are seeing real time availability. If a minute before they checked you entered an appointment in your calendar no time slots will be shown for this time.

We encourage you to check out our teacher scheduling calendar
and see how it can help you save time on Scheduling.