Since ScheduleOnce is already used by many educators worldwide for advising appointments with their students it can be a great student appointment system for the university or any other educational institution.

Each of the staff members that will be taking student appointments will have a MeetMe page in ScheduleOnce. The MeetMe page will be connected to the staff member’s personal calendar so that all student appointments will be availabale at their fingertips with all information that was collected during the booking. If there are multiple staff members with multiple MeetMe pages it is possible to unite a selection of the MeetMe pages under one Book now page, providing the students with a single point of access to all staff members.

Since ScheduleOnce is a pure SaaS application you can test it out in a matter of minutes and for free with our free trial. Once you have setup the MeetMe pages it will be a good idea to do some internal testing and even some live testing with students. The user interface and scheduling experience with ScheduleOnce is so great that we are confident that everyone will simply love the new student appointment system. Click the green button to learn more.