ScheduleOnce is a really simple booking software that enables you to accept bookings online directly in your calendar.

ScheduleOnce can seamlessly connect to your calendar in real time and ensure that people can only see times in which you are availabale in your calendar. However, ScheduleOnce does not expose the full availability on your calendar. There are a number of settings in ScheduleOnce that allow you to control exactly what people will see. For example, you can limit the maximum number of time slots per day so that even if you are completely free on your calendar people will only see three time slots if this is what you want.

When you start using ScheduleOnce, the simplicity will be immediately felt by your invitees. We have invested lots of efforts and engaged user interface experts to create the most compelling scheduling experience for your customers. You will see that once you start using ScheduleOnce for your bookings customers will not stop praising it.

So if you are really searching for a simple booking software give ScheduleOnce a try by following the link and feel free to contact us with any questions.