Scheduling Zoom meetings is simple using our seamless ScheduleOnce and Zoom integration. ScheduleOnce is powerful and robust scheduling software and one of the top Zoom integrations. With ScheduleOnce, your customers can easily schedule Zoom video conferencing sessions with you in no time.

Some of the key features that ScheduleOnce offers for scheduling Zoom meetings are:

  • Automatic scheduling of a Zoom meeting
  • Support for all types of Zoom meetings
  • Integrated notifications
  • Support for canceling and rescheduling of Zoom meetings
  • Access to Zoom conference connection settings
  • Secure OAuth connection

How to schedule a Zoom meeting with ScheduleOnce

The ScheduleOnce connector for Zoom completely automates the provisioning of Zoom sessions. Customers receive a single ScheduleOnce confirmation, including all meeting details in their local time zone. To learn more about the integration and how to schedule a Zoom meeting with ScheduleOnce, watch the video below.

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