Scheduling software with source tracking

When conducting demos and consultations is part of your marketing funnel, you need a scheduling software with source tracking. ScheduleOnce is a robust scheduling tool that allows you to track the source of your bookings, giving you insight into which of your strategies are most effective.

Conducting demos is a great way to engage leads and prospects. Allowing leads to self schedule their demos helps you minimize time-to-engagement. But you also need to know what enticed your leads to schedule. With ScheduleOnce, you will know exactly where each lead who schedules with you came from. Simply by adding UTM tags to the booking page links you share and publish in your marketing funnel, you will be able to track the number of bookings scheduled from different touchpoints. You can add a tag for your marketing newsletter, and a different tag for leads who schedule on a specific landing page. UTM tags are automatically passed to your custom confirmation page, allowing you to track analytics of your page. This helps you track conversions and focus on the most effective strategies for your business.

Using scheduling software with source tracking will ultimately help you increase conversions and engage with more leads. To test out ScheduleOnce's source tracking, start a free trial today.