Effectively measuring your booking conversion rate requires that you use a scheduling software that tracks UTM tags. ScheduleOnce is the top scheduling software that makes it easy for you to track the source of bookings with the use of UTM tags.

When your campaign funnel includes consultations and demos with leads, you need to know who is scheduling and what campaign enticed your lead to take the next step. With ScheduleOnce, you can track this information by passing UTM tags through the scheduling process. All you need to do is add the relevant UTM tags to your bookings page URL every time you share or publish it in a new campaign. For example, you can add one tag when you share your booking page in your email newsletter and another tag when you publish your booking page on a landing page. When a lead schedules, the UTM tags are automatically passed on to your custom confirmation page, allowing you to analyze the source of each lead. You will easily be able to tell which media lead to more bookings and ultimately more conversions.

If you are ready to optimize your campaign funnels, it is time to use scheduling software that tracks UTM tags. You can test out this feature by signing up for a free trial of ScheduleOnce today.