When looking for a scheduling software for clients in the EU, GDPR compliance is a must. The General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect in May 2018, requires that any service provider that processes information of European Union individuals implement necessary safeguards for data protection. ScheduleOnce is a GDPR compliant scheduling software that provides users with all the tools to ensure compliance.

The GDPR aims to strengthen the privacy rights of individuals. Organizations that collect, store, or process personal data belonging to EU individuals must comply. ScheduleOnce’s platform is fully secure and compliant with the new regulation. Additionally, ScheduleOnce provides users with the tools to ensure they are using ScheduleOnce in a GDPR compliant manner. Users can implement custom security policies, control who has access to data, and minimize the amount of data processed during scheduling. Following our guidance, users can rest assured that scheduling with their EU client is aligned with the privacy standards of the GDPR.

If you are looking for scheduling software for clients in the EU, try out ScheduleOnce today.