Do you need a quick and easy way for scheduling one one sessions? You can do it with ScheduleOnce and for free. Here is how:

Go to the ScheduleOnce home page and signup with your Google or Facebook ID. You will be taken through a three step wizard that will create your MeetMe page. This is the page that people will use to schedule the one one sessions.

Next, go to the Inbound settings page and adjust the General and availability settings. You can also add more details to your profile and upload your picture. You are now ready to start scheduling one one sessions. People will click your MeetMe link, see time slots with availability, select a few that work for them and submit. You will review the selections and pick the time that works best for you.

If you would like to use more advanced features you can upgrade and have the entire scheduling happen automatically and you can also connect to your calendar so that the scheduled sessions will be automatically created in your calendar.

Scheduling one one sessions with ScheduleOnce is quick, easy and saves you time.