A scheduling calendar for website is an online calendar that can be used to accept appointments directly from your website. When the appointment is booked in will not stay in the scheduling calendar but move to your personal calendar. The scheduling calendar is used for the scheduling process and it funnels your appointments into your personal calendar which you use to manage your schedule.

SO if you’ve been searching for a scheduling calendar for some time you probably know that there are many types of solutions. What you should select depends on what you need. If you have a workplace where employees work from 9-5, a very structured environment and you need to offer services online you should go for the traditional service-based schedulers.

On the other side of the extreme there are flexible working hours, unstructured environment, multiple meeting types and multiple time zones. If you are closer to the latter then you should take a look at ScheduleOnce, it can be a great scheduling calendar for website if these are your requirements.