The ScheduleOnce connector for WebEx seamlessly integrates WebEx with your booking activities through all phases of the booking lifecycle. With ScheduleOnce, scheduling a WebEx meeting is easy for your customers. ScheduleOnce has a native WebEx integration that:

  • Works with one-on-one and group sessions
  • Reduces email volume and improves your customers’ booking experience
  • Offers built-in support for cancellations and rescheduling WebEx meetings

There are three ways to schedule a meeting in WebEx via ScheduleOnce.

  • When one-on-one appointments are scheduled, each booking creates a new WebEx session.
  • When group sessions and webinars are scheduled, each booking receives WebEx details for the same session.
  • When you offer session packages, a customer can book multiple sessions in one booking submission, receiving a unique meeting ID for each.

When scheduling WebEx meetings,WebEx session details are an integral part of all ScheduleOnce notifications irrespective of the mode selected.

Scheduling WebEx Meetings

You can use the WebEx connector with any ScheduleOnce account for scheduling a WebEx meeting. Once ScheduleOnce is connected to WebEx, configure all relevant booking pages, selecting WebEx as the video conferencing option for that page. You can even set a password to maintain privacy for your customers. You are now ready for scheduling WebEx meetings. On making a new booking, a WebEx session is created automatically and WebEx session details are included in all ScheduleOnce notifications.

To learn more about scheduling a WebEx meeting, watch the video below.

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