The ScheduleOnce connector for GoToMeeting makes it effortless for a GoToMeeting user to schedule a meeting in GoToMeeting. It completely automates the provisioning of GoToMeeting sessions. When scheduling a meeting in GoToMeeting, customers receive a ScheduleOnce confirmation with all meeting details in their local time zone.

There are three ways to scheduling a meeting in GoToMeeting via ScheduleOnce:

  • When one-on-one appointments are scheduled, each booking creates a new GoToMeeting session.
  • When group sessions and webinars are scheduled, each booking receives GoToMeeting details for the same session.
  • When you offer session packages, a customer can book multiple sessions in one booking submission, receiving a unique meeting ID for each.

How to schedule a meeting in GoToMeeting

You can use the GoToMeeting connector with a ScheduleOnce account and with any GoToMeeting plan. Once ScheduleOnce is connected to GoToMeeting, configure all relevant booking pages, selecting GoToMeeting as the video conferencing option for that page. 

On making a booking, a GoToMeeting session is created automatically and GoToMeeting session details are included in all ScheduleOnce notifications.

To learn more about how to schedule a meeting in GoToMeeting, watch the video below.

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