ScheduleOnce is a great tool for scheduling a business meeting. ScheduleOnce is fast to use, connects to your calendar and provides extensive support for time zones. All this make it a perfect tool for the most demanding business environments.

When scheduling a meeting in a global, fast paced business environment speed and accuracy are of primary importance. Lets look at a quick example. You need to schedule a meeting with 5 people, two are your office colleagues, one is a supplier with an office in the same city and two others are overseas. In your calendaring server you can only see the availability of your two colleagues and you have no preconceived knowledge about the availability of your external participants.

So you click a new invitation in ScheduleOnce and propose a few times in which the meeting can take place. You save and get a unique link that you send to all attendees. All attendees can see the times you proposed and if they are in a different time zones the times are translated to their local time. Attendees provide their availability and you can then see everyone’s availability translated into your time zone and easily pick the times that works best.

This was a typical scenario and we saw that scheduling a business meeting with ScheduleOnce can save lots of time and hassle. So give ScheduleOnce a try. You will love it.