What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that allows sales and marketing teams to streamline their customer relationships, track results and drive growth. It can be used throughout an organization and connect teams across every department for optimum collaboration. With over 150 000 customers worldwide, Salesforce can be considered the world’s leading CRM tool for businesses.

ScheduleOnce and Salesforce Integration

Our appointment booking app, ScheduleOnce, is designed to work in complete harmony with Salesforce for safe and seamless data transfer between the two apps. 

With our native Salesforce integration, all your ScheduleOnce appointments will automatically appear in your CRM. Your customer contact details will be updated whenever a booking is made, without you having to lift a finger. The booking is then tracked throughout the booking lifecycle. 

What you can do with Salesforce and ScheduleOnce: 

  • Track ScheduleOnce bookings throughout customer lifecycle
  • Schedule meetings with your Salesforce contact list
  • Automatically add new meeting prospect information to Salesforce
  • Automatically update contact information in Salesforce
  • Integrate with your Salesforce calendar
  • Integrate links for seamless connection

It’s 100% secure

Salesforce integration is enabled through a secure connection between ScheduleOnce and your Salesforce environment and supports organizations across every sector no matter their security requirements. The ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce is an official app in the Salesforce AppExchange and meets industry best practices for the highest standards of security. You can rest assured that your data, as well as your customer’s data, is 100% safe and secure.

Salesforce integration via Zapier

You can also integrate your Salesforce CRM to ScheduleOnce via integration service Zapier. Salesforce integration through Zapier sends booking and customer data directly to Salesforce. Any data received from ScheduleOnce will create a new data record directly in Salesforce.

Scheduling your customer appointments via a booking app like ScheduleOnce saves time across your organization and helps move prospects down the funnel faster. Thanks to our native Salesforce integration, you can now transfer all the benefits of online scheduling to your favorite CRM platform.   

Read more about how ScheduleOnce integrates with Salesforce here or watch the video below.

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