SaaS appointment scheduling

Do you need to accept appointments online and are looking for a SaaS appointment scheduling solution? You have come to the right place.

ScheduleOnce can enable you to accept appointments online in a matter of minutes. Our SaaS software requires no downloads or installation. You simply sign up and create your MeetMe page in a matter of minutes. Once your MeetMe page is live you can share it with the people that need to schedule appointments with you.

People will click your MeetMe link and see the time slots in which you're available. They select one to fill out any additional information that you may ask for and submit. Now since ScheduleOnce is a SaaS application it can instantly connect to your SaaS Google Calendar or also to other non-SaaS calendar through the Google Sync software program.

As soon as an appointment is scheduled it will automatically be scheduled in your calendar and this time will be blocked out from your MeetMe page.

Contrary to other booking systems that also have their calendar, ScheduleOnce works with SaaS-based calendars and connects to them in real-time so that all ScheduleOnce bookings are created in the personal calendar and can be managed from there.

So a simple way to look at what ScheduleOnce does is to picture it as a funnel that takes bookings from the web and creates them in your calendar. This is not so simple to do as it needs to be done without creating any double bookings and the bookings should be created exactly where you want them to be.

ScheduleOnce handles all that with ease and it is fast and easy to implement. You will be up and running with ScheduleOnce in just three minutes. You will also notice that people that book with you will love the simplicity and ease of use of ScheduleOnce.

So if you want a powerful, yet simple and easy to use SaaS appointment scheduling program give ScheduleOnce a try. You won't regret it.