ScheduleOnce is a great tool for planning a meeting time online. There are many tools out there that attempt to help but they are mostly just a poll system that is is using times as the poll alternative.

ScheduleOnce on the other hand is a professional time planning tool that is based on availability. The availability-based method is far better than a simple poll because in a simple poll you need to define all the alternatives in advance. In an availability-based method all that people need to do is provide their availability and ScheduleOnce automatically extracts all the possible alternatives and finds the best ones. This means that for a given amount of work the time finding ability of an availability-based system like ScheduleOnce is superior.

What does all the above mean? That working with ScheduleOnce will be faster and will likely result in a time that works for all. Planning a meeting time online is not easy especially if you have an event with more than seven or 8 attendees. Above these numbers it really becomes difficult to find a time and for this reason you need the best tool for the job.