ScheduleOnce is a personal scheduler tool that connects to your calendar and extends it so that you can accept appointments online and also schedule group meetings.

Currently ScheduleOnce is used by many business and service professionals as well as non profits and higher educations staff and students. It is most common to see our users connecting with their Google Calendar but there are quite a lot of users that also connect their iCal and Outlook calendars.

If you want to try SchduleOnce all you need to do is signup with your Google or Facebook ID. You will be taken through a quick wizard that will create your MeetMe page – This is the page that you will use for accepting appointments online. People that come to your page will be able to see time slots that represent your real time availability and will schedule time with you in minutes.

That’s all you need to do to evaluate our personal scheduler tool. In 5 minutes you will know if it is the right tool for you.