Are you looking for a personal scheduler Outlook compatible? you have reached the right place. ScheduleOnce will connect to your Outlook calendar and will enable you to accept appointments and on on one meetings directly into your Outlook calendar.

However, since Outlook is a desktop calendar and is not availabale on the internet 7×24 like your personal scheduler should be there is a need to connect your Outlook calendar to the internet. Many vendors offer proprietary connectors but they very often underestimate the complexity and effort that it takes to write connectors for Outlook. The result is that their connectors are buggy and clumsy and may also pose a security risk.

ScheduleOnce has taken a better approach – We use the Google connector for Outlook. This is a very lightweight connector that does exactly what it should – It syncs Outlook and Google Calendar. Now since ScheduleOnce connects to Google Calendar you are done! This is really the best method to connect to Outlook and get yourself a personal scheduler Outlook compatible.