Are you looking for a way to accept appointments from the web right into your calendar? This can easily be done with a personal scheduler calendar like ScheduleOnce.

If you are an independent service professional you will probably feel much more comfortable to have the appointments scheduled in your personal calendar rather than having to manage them in a proprietary calendar that you are not used to. ScheduleOnce will easily connect to your calendar be it Google, Outlook, iCal or any other calendar that can sync with Google calendar and almost any calendar can. Once your calendar is connected ScheduleOnce will read and write to it in real time, ensuring that you never get double booked.

Regarding the appointment scheduling – It is done via a personal MeetMe page that has your profile information and a booking calendar that displays time slots in which you are available.

To learn more about our personal scheduler calendar simply follow the link and we look forward to having you join our growing family of happy customers.