Are you a busy professional or business owner with many meetings to schedule? There are two approaches that you can take to alleviate the scheduling burden. The traditional approach is to hire a human tat will serve as your personal scheduler assistant but there is also a more modern way which is also cheaper and more efficient – Use a personal meeting scheduler as your personal scheduler assistant.

When you signup to ScheduleOnce you get your MeetMe page. This page acts link your personal scheduling assistant. It has a unique link that is short and easy to remember so you can give it to people over the phone, add it to your email signature, tweet it or just email it to people. When people click your MeetMe link they can easily see when you’re available and can schedule time with you in a matter of seconds. So instead of telling people to call your assistant you just give them your MeetMe link and the appointment is in your calendar. How come? ScheduleOnce is connected to your calendar so that every meeting that’s created in ScheduleOnce automatically shows up in your calendar.

So if you want to save time and money and provide a great user experience to the people that want to book time with you start using ScheduleOnce and your MeetMe. From now its your personal scheduler assistant.